Water Puzzle Captain, pays up to $100 a day?

Water Puzzle Captain, Do you pay directly to PayPal or is it Scam?

This game, Water Puzzle Captain , was published by the Rebuild Go studio , which studio we’ve never heard of here. The application complies with the same line of promotion as other apps of its type, paying you to play is its motto, but from there to compliance is very different. Today we will review her to find out if she is lying or not.

Its exact publication date is not available, only its last update date, which was September 16 of this year, is found. At least we can know what is not abandoned yet. It has more than 10,000 downloads and no public comments, after all, the game is listed as “early access” . Let’s hope it’s not to cover up in-game flaws or scams.

One of the things I didn’t like was the fact that you have to give the app permissions for things that aren’t really necessary for the gaming experience. One of the things that caught my attention the most were the permissions to access the list of contacts and the permission to access the gallery. Something totally unnecessary.

What is Water Puzzle Captain?

This is a game designed for Android that you can easily find on the Play Store . Water Puzzle Captain is one of those typical games that we have already reviewed here, with a promise of several hundred dollars for just a few minutes of play per day. It is a game identical to many others, one more copy added to the list, hopefully not the one with “scam applications” , just the one with lack of originality.

Rebuild Go is a pretty experienced studio, after all they have released three other apps that also try to make money playing games. Its creator seems to be using the facility to hide comments in the Play Store a lot . The only application that has public comments has criticism that destroys it and does not even lower it as a scam .

Seeing all this and getting a little carried away by previous experiences, I can say that this game is quite possibly another Scam . For me this is obvious with the huge amount of money offered for each level you pass. An application will never give you so much money , even those that do pay have payments that barely reach cents or a dollar per task.

Water Puzzle Captain

Installation and registration in Water Puzzle Captain.

When searching for the name of Water Puzzle Captain you must select the first option, if you cannot find it you can go to the bottom of this article, there you will find a button that will take you directly. When you locate the app, click install and wait for the download to finish (it weighs 38 MB).

At the moment the game does not have any type of registration, nor does it ask to link any account.

How to play?

It’s quite simple, the game comes with brief instructions that will give you just start. In case you didn’t discover it by looking at the images that I have been leaving you, Water Puzzle Captain is about the game of tubes full of liquids of different colors.

Your objective here will be to get each tube to have only one color, since the different colors are mixed. You must go moving the liquids to different containers until each one is filled with a single color, normally you have unlimited movements but if you reach a point where you cannot place one color on top of another, you lose.

You must be very careful when throwing the liquid mixture, since you cannot place a different color on top of another. They must always match. If you reach a point where you can’t make any moves because the surface of each tube is a different color than the one you want to move, then you must restart your level and lose all progress. Money will be credited to your balance every time you pass a level.

Water Puzzle


For the withdrawal of money you have several options available among which PayPal , Amazon , Line Pay , Alipay , PayPay , TrueMoney and CashFree stand out . All these options have the same withdrawal amounts , the minimum is $200 dollars , other figures to withdraw are $300 dollars , $400 dollars and $500 dollars .

Water Puzzle Captain

Final opinion of Water Puzzle Captain.

It could easily be an addictive game and get multiple users, maybe thousands, but they decided to join the list of Scams on the Play Store . Water Puzzle Captain is one more copy, a game that lacks its own personality but that doesn’t stop it from being fun, the problem is that it’s just a scam. This is one of the few games in which I have seen that you can reach the minimum withdrawal before you get bored or desperate for advertising, but as soon as you are about to withdraw your money you encounter the first problem. You must reach level 15 to withdraw, after that notice they will begin to show you various ads until it leads you to want to delete the app.

I do not recommend that you install it and if you already have it, then delete it. If you want to know applications that you do not waste your time with , you can check this blog to find an application that you like and allow you to earn money . Each application that is published here is verified and each opinion is sincere, in addition to each app having an article detailing its use and how to earn more money .

We also post about apps that, like this one, are just a scam . We do this to warn you so that you do not end up being deceived or wasting your time because after all we know how frustrating it is to invest time and that in the end everything is a simple lie .




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  1. Mariella Fiorani

    Ho installato e giocato tanti livelli di water captain. Sto aspettando da giorni e giorni di poter fare il cash out ma ormai è una settimana che il conto degli utenti in fila per il pagamento è fermo a solo 5 utenti.
    Probabilmente in breve disistallero il gioco

  2. Eric Enrique

    Water puzzle Captain does not pay anything out. This whole advertisement for water puzzle captain is a lie, a scam and a waste of time. How can you claim to pay people including myself, for playing your game and never pay out. This is all lies and I don’t understand how you can blatantly lie to people. This game does not pay anything out do not expect to get payed.

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