Shark Slots: Casino Slots – A Really Paying Game?

Shark Slots: Casino Slots, Scam or Pay?

You may have seen Shark Slots: Casino Slots , an online money making app that always presents itself as a paying app . As you can see, the app is about games of chance and unless you have already used one of these games, I recommend that you do not try them due to the risk they can represent.

Everything you want to know about this application will be in this article, as well as I will tell you if it really is a paid app or just another piece of garbage that you should not even consider. What I tell you here is only my opinion, my experience. If you want, you can try it yourself, although I think that one of the reasons for looking for information is to avoid this. We have nothing to do with any study or app, so we do not promote anything, we are just users like you who are looking for an application to earn money online that really works.

Luckily in the blog we have had some luck in our search and you can review them and find out about some apps that do pay through the lists we have. Below will be their names and you can go to them whenever you want. All the applications there are verified and if at any time they stop paying we will notify you. Now yes, let’s continue with Shark Slots .

What is Shark Slots: Casino Slots?

Shark Slots: Casino Slots is exactly what can come to mind once you read its name: an application to earn money online that sits on a gambling game that in this case will be the typical slot machine . This game has been remade and copied an incredible amount of times, but it seems that it is always possible to find a new version of it. It seems that the creators now are not very interested in bringing quality products, they only focus on getting a project out as fast as possible and in this way generate income . Although for this they deceive users .

The app is made by YBi Yao Game , a studio that has only made one other game that I haven’t talked about yet. This also happens to be a game of chance and of course it is also promoted as an application to earn money online . All of their advertisements are designed to be sold as paying apps , but the reality is a bit far from there. In fact, it seems that despite the fact that comments are not allowed on the Play Store profile, outside of there you can see some complaints.

In my experience I tell you that it doesn’t work, it’s just a waste of time that is well programmed and this only serves to make the deception more credible. Every time you want to install one of these applications, look for information and so you will know if it really is an app that does pay .

Shark Slots: Casino Slots

Installation and registration in Shark Slots: Casino Slots:

The app is not difficult to find, but it can be confused with other apps that have a similar name. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems, for this there is no solution, just look for another app. I don’t recommend APKs.

You will not need any registration to enter, neither mail, nor external account or username. You just focus on playing and nothing else.

How to play?

Once you enter Shark Slots: Casino Slots you will have a screen in which there are several images that are placed randomly, as is customary in games of chance. It is the slot machine and with it you can place bets, you just have to configure this in a few small boxes that appear at the bottom. I recommend you always make the smallest bet you can, as it is quite easy to lose

Your objective is simply that the images match each other, the problem is that there is not much you can do for this. You only have to press a button and with this wait. If you are lucky, you will get some images to match each other and in this way you can win some reward . There is no way we can influence the outcome, although we will probably win every single bet.

Apps of this type tend to let you win as much as possible, this way you trust yourself and you end up making big bets that you will lose later. Their goal is to make you trust and then they take absolutely everything from you.


Here you will have as options to request your payment to PayPal and OXXO only or at least that is what appeared to me, some extra options may appear to you. The minimum withdrawal is $1,000 dollars and from what I saw, that’s the only amount you can request. Once you have this figure, it will only be a matter of pressing the numbers and a tab will open in which you must enter your data.

Shark Slots: Casino Slots

Shark Slots: Casino Slots Conclusion :

Without a doubt, it is another waste of time, like its predecessors. They only work to generate income for the creators and the users are there as simple decoration. I don’t think you’ll like the game, it’s quite simple and doesn’t require more dynamics, but if you like it, I invite you to look for an app that doesn’t fool its users. The best thing is that you delete it if you already have it on your cell phone and if not, then don’t install it. Shark Slots: Casino Slots is a non-paying app , so you better not trust it and continue your search.

Below you will find the names of some lists, all the lists that I am going to talk about can be found in this blog. They are all proven applications that we have come across on this long road and you can verify them yourself. In addition, each one has an article in which there is more information about each one and there you can know how to use it and  how much money you can earn money . Also below you have the link to the most extensive list of all

You can find the lists in the menu that is found in the three lines that are in the upper right part of the screen, there you will also have a search engine. To access these lists, you just have to search for the following names:  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra income” ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023 ”  and  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” .




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