Finger Number Match, How Much Money Can You Win?

Finger Number Match, does it really pay?

Is Finger Number Match a paid app ? Well, that will be what we will be giving an answer to today, let’s hope that in the end we can have a positive opinion and it won’t turn out to be another scam . Of the little that is seen of this application are its ads, and in each one of them it is presented as the application that will solve your life , or at least help you earn a few dollars .

Published by Wind & Rain Game on September 1 of this year, it is a very recent application and with which we can generate money , the problem is that I do not believe it. At this moment, it has a little more than 500,000 downloads, a figure that may seem a bit big, but you have to remember the way in which the creators make their application popular. In case you don’t suspect it, I’ll tell you, it’s through advertising and it doesn’t come cheap. Of course, the user will be the one to pay the piper.

The last update was on September 19, hopefully it is because the app has not presented any problems and not because the developer abandoned this project. It has no public comments due to being in “Early Access” , hopefully because it was recently released and not something else.

What is Finger Number Match?

This is an android application that was created by Wind & Rain Game , a studio about which you can’t find any information on the internet , nor is there much information on the Play Store , but experience is not something that it lacks. He has published nine other apps so far, all of them promise to pay you to play and all of them look like another waste of time . Most of these applications do not have public reviews, undoubtedly a ploy by the creator so that user complaints are not known, which if you have public comments look like they have bought reviews . I would not doubt for this moment thatFinger Number Match is a Scam , but let’s continue and at the end I will give you the conclusion.

Luckily there is something positive to add to it, and that is that it does not have integrated purchases , something that leaves me a little more confident. Another aspect that I reviewed and I did not like at all were the permissions, when you install it, a large number of permissions are accepted and the truth is that less than half are necessary. The confidence that they generated in me with the first, they erased with the second. Let’s keep checking anyway.

This application is a clear copy of Candy Crush and I really begin to question why they only plagiarized this game, there are many others, but the creators always choose to copy the same one (with this I don’t want to encourage them to go around plagiarizing projects, I’m just curious.) The name does bring back memories of another game that ended up being a waste of time . I hope this is not the same.

Finger Number Match

Installation and registration of Finger Number Match.

From what you can see, it is a fairly popular game, even if you misspell its name, the Play Store will correct you. It is the first result, but if you can’t find it, remember that there is always a link below that takes you to the application so you can see if it is compatible with your cell phone. When you find it, download it and wait for it to finish to open it. Finger Number Match weighs 34 MB.

As usual, it will not ask you to register, much less link an account. I suppose that when you collect the sufficient amount to request the payment you will be able to enter an email to verify the account.

Finger Number

How to play?

When you enter you will be greeted by a board with many tiles, here there are no instructions that tell you what to do, don’t worry anyway because it won’t be difficult. On that board there will be tiles of various colors and as if that was not enough of a coincidence with other games that we have reviewed, they also have a number that identifies them.

The objective in Finger Number Match is not to unite or organize these tiles, for the first time we can expect something a little different although not very exciting. What you must do is locate those tiles that are grouped in groups of three or more tiles, when you do it you just have to press on one of them and you will see how they contract until they disappear. With each movement you will see that they are united in a single piece that is the result of the sum of their numbers, of course, for this the number and the color must match.

At the top of the screen appears a bar that is equivalent to the goal or movements that you must achieve to pass the level. Sometimes some diamonds will appear while you play, other times the reward will appear until the end of the level. It does not seem to have advertising, this at the beginning because after a few movements ads will appear every time you breathe and you must see them if you want to receive the diamonds .

Finger Number Match


You can request the payment through PayPal or Mercado Pago , the minimum withdrawal is $200 dollars , and although it seems an easy figure to achieve, the truth is that it is not like that and when you are close to achieving it, Finger Number Match will lower its rewards.

You can also withdraw $300 dollars , $400 dollars , $600 dollars, $800 dollars and finally the amount of $1,000 dollars . Although I know that they are tempting figures, I am obliged to tell you that they are not true, the payments will never arrive.

Number Match

Conclusion in Finger Number Match.

I do not recommend it at all, not only will it not pay you , but it also turns out to be an extremely repetitive and boring game, the same as almost all the ones we have had to see. I understand that it’s an easy game that’s already been successful and that’s why the creators are looking to copy it, but it wouldn’t hurt from time to time some creativity on your part, even if it goes wrong. If you have Finger Number Match on your cell phone, delete it, don’t hesitate, just do it because it won’t pay you .

There are many applications that are scams , in fact most of them are, and no matter how much we report these applications, we will never be able to end them. If they knock down one of these applications, a studio, it won’t matter because later there will be others the same or they will create the same studio or game, but with another name. Here we will always try to keep you alert about apps that you should stay away from because they will only be a waste of time , if we miss any, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

In case you were disappointed, let me tell you that here there are many apps that do pay , in fact you can find them in a list that has the same name. I am sure that by reviewing all the information that I provide you, you can find one that suits your tastes and, incidentally, allows you to earn money from your cell phone . Remember that you will not become a millionaire , but it will be a good source of extra income.




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