Water Puzzle Master, Does It Really Pay [Review].

Water Puzzle Master, How much money can you earn?.

FunerLeague , a studio that on this occasion was the one that published Water Puzzle Master , a game that promises to pay you for playing just a few minutes a day, is a studio already known here. We reviewed one of their games, it all went wrong because it was just another Scam.

This time I will talk about Water Puzzle Master , a game that is identical to many others that you find in the Play Store . Its last update is from September 25 of this year, it does not have a publication date but within everything we can know at least that it is not an abandoned app. It has more than 1,000,000 downloads , a not insignificant figure that surely must have earned its creator good money .

It does not have any public comments, since it is still in “early access” . Let’s hope it’s not another one of those strategies in which its developer chooses this option so that other users can’t see real reviews and don’t find out about the fraud it could be. For now let’s give it a chance.

What is Water Puzzle Master?

It is a game classified within the genre of “Casual Games” , the most remarkable thing at the moment is that Water Puzzle Master is a game that pays you . As you read It pays you to play just a few minutes a day, and in theory, playing several days a week can get you a good sum of money that even seems to reach the minimum wage in Latin America . Something that no matter how many times you see, will not be possible at any time. Creators barely make pennies for every 1,000 views on an ad, so never believe this.

The studio that published it, FunerLeague , has four other published apps. They all try to earn money with your cell phone and just a few minutes a day. What I think is the most dangerous of them is one that imitates a casino . We all know how addictive it can be and how it can end up convincing people to invest money . The other applications, although they are a waste of time , at least they don’t come with integrated purchases .

If there’s one thing you should expect when you open Water Puzzle Master , it’s advertising, lots of advertising. The creator did not hesitate for a second in sacrificing the user’s comfort for a few pesos , perhaps we cannot blame him at all, although as I have already said, he could have made an application that tried to see advertising so that nobody would be upset because they would already know what to expect.

Water Puzzle Master

Installation and registration in Water Puzzle Master.

Search for it by name and select the exact match. Once you have located it, click on install and wait for the download to finish. For the little that it offers, it seems to me a somewhat heavy app, it weighs 41 MB, something that is hardly justified when looking at its graphics and levels.

It does not ask you for any registration at the beginning, nor does it tell you to link an account, you will do that when you get the minimum withdrawal.

Water Puzzle

How to play?.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting something new and fun because with Water Puzzle Master you won’t find it, this is a game identical to all those that deal with liquids and containers. Creativity is not the forte of the current creators of the Play Store , but at least I assure you that it can be addictive.

Your main goal here is to get the liquid of the same color to be placed in the same container until all the colors are assigned to one tube. Although it may not seem like it, you can last a long time playing without even noticing it and earn a good reward . The point is whether it pays or not . While it seems like you can’t run out of moves, there comes a point where if you mismatch the colors then you won’t be able to make any other moves and you’ll lose all your progress. The reward is given every time you clear a level.

It can end up being repetitive or addictive, that already depends on you and the type of games you like. Apart from the game that I described to you there is no other way to earn money , so you should stick with it in case you find it boring.

Water Puzzle Master

How do I withdraw?

Payments are available on various platforms, the most notable are PayPal , Line Pay , Alipay , PayPay , TrueMoney and some other options that you can see when you enter that section in the app. The minimum withdrawal is $200 , but that does not mean that they are the only options. You can also withdraw $300 , $500 , $1,000 , but this is up to you.

Puzzle Master

Conclusion of Water Puzzle Master.

It is not a real opportunity to make money , it is easy to reach the minimum withdrawal but the payments will never come . In addition to the fact that you must reach level 15 if you want to make a payment and once there they will not allow you to withdraw either . Water Puzzle Master is one more waste of time , one of those that there are so many in the Play Store and that the company doesn’t seem very concerned about ending it.

If you want to find real information about paid applications , do not hesitate to read this blog, here there will always be real information about each one and so you can draw your own conclusions before downloading an application. In this blog you will find an article called “Apps that do pay” , there you will see a list of applications that are paying and that are verified . Each one has a dedicated article in which you can see all the details and know how to get the most out of it to generate profits .

On the other hand, we will always keep you alert about applications that do not pay so that you do not download them and waste your time , or even worse, get scammed . So don’t forget to check our other articles so you don’t lose this information.


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