BigCash – Pay Up To $20 A Day To Play? [Review]

BigCash, does it pay users?

This time I bring you  an application to earn free money , it is  BigCash , an alleged  app that does pay . The app is somewhat popular and has been on the Play Store for a while, but it is not certain that it is a legitimate application, so I put it to the test.

In this article you will be able to find all the information that it collects and if it is really an app that does pay . I will tell you the truth whatever the outcome, as we have nothing to do with any studio or app. If it is an application to earn free money we can celebrate it at the end, if not, then at the end you can find the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay.

But hey, let’s continue with BigCash , an application that does not have a publication date. In fact, it does not have much data on its profile, you can only see that it was last updated in February of this year and it has more than 50,000 downloads. After this little more, there is no more information available. 

What is BigCash?

While BigCash is presented as a free money earning app , I think this is far from the truth. The app presents a simple interface and in fact it is quite similar to the applications that I reviewed a while ago. It has several tabs and is full of offers that you can make to earn points and tickets because yes, it is one of the apps that give out tickets to later carry out raffles.

BigCash is created by , a studio does not have any other published app. It seems that until now the company has only been interested in pushing this app as much as possible, promoting itself as an  application to earn free money . It seems that at least decided so far to focus solely on this and it is not in their plans to create another app. Of course, he always says that this project is an app that does pay, but this is always said and rarely fulfilled.

What I always tell you is to look for information so that you know what to expect. It is never good to firmly trust what studies and advertisements say because it always lies, either exaggerating its reward or saying it exists. The apps that do pay are far from looking like that.

BigCash - app to earn money for free

Installation and registration in BigCash:

You can find it easily, only that I recommend that you place its name correctly. Although it may not seem like it, it is quite easy to find and unless it is not compatible with your cell phone, you will be able to find it in the first results of the list.

No type of registration will be necessary, you just have to enter and personally, I recommend that you reject the permissions that they ask for, since it does not make any kind of sense.

How does it work?

I think the strongest part of  BigCash  is the offers, since there is the greatest possibility to earn points and tickets. In addition, you will also have some options like playing a roulette wheel or claiming tickets in a machine, but you will only have one free spin per day and after that you will have to watch an ad if you want to continue and win more.

Among the offers it is common to see games that are within the same app. These games tend to have pretty bad graphics and their gameplay isn’t very good. The only thing that can be rescued is that you won’t have to spend more space to install other files or that at least you’ll have all kinds of games, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that most appeals to you.

The  reward  depends on each activity and from time to time they give you tickets and other times they give you some tickets. It seems that both can be withdrawn, but the bills are scarce and it is hardly possible to reach the minimum withdrawal.

BigCash - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal , for this you just have to wait for the weekly draw and if you win, you can request your payment without a minimum withdrawal . Now, to withdraw the bills there is not much clarity. In fact, it doesn’t even say what payment methods there are or what the minimum withdrawal is.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

BigCash Conclusions :

BigCash  is not an   application to earn free money , it is best that you delete it from your cell phone because it is useless. Although its interface and the way in which it is programmed suggest what a good app is about, the truth is that it will only make you see ads and little else. BigCash  is a  non-paying app  and I certainly recommend it to you.

Don’t be discouraged anyway, here we have found some  apps that do pay. You can  go to the lists that the blog has. To access them you just have to go to the menu that appears when you press the three lines that appear in the upper right part of the screen, there place the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money   ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023 ” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra money” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies”  and  “Applications to earn money online 2023” .

In addition, you can also find a link at the bottom that takes you to the most extensive list of all. All the apps there have an article in which I describe everything better and there you can understand everything. Besides, you can also leave the name of any in the comments, we will review it as soon as possible. The same for any suggestion or doubt.




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