Water Puzzle Genius, $200 to Play [Review]

Water Puzzle Genius, Do you really make money?

Yesterday I saw an ad about a puzzle game called Water Puzzle Genius that was supposedly giving away hundreds of dollars to Android users. The commercial entices people to download the app and withdraw a ton of money via PayPal. With so many shameful developers running cheat games, you can’t expect to get rich overnight by solving puzzles and merging items.

What is Water Puzzle Genius?

Water Master is an addictive game where players sort liquids between bottles to win hundreds of dollars. You have to make sure that all the glass tubes are filled with liquid of the same color to complete the level. The game is identical to Woody Water: Sort Puzzle and has been installed more than 100,000 times on Play Store.

Despite many installations, Water Master is still an early access app that does not allow review. This indicates that the developer is not confident enough that their app will receive a good rating.

Not only that, but if the app doesn’t pay, it’s a good reason to prevent users from exposing the truth and discourage people from playing it. Don’t worry because here at Apps that do Pay, we are free to speak our minds and guide you in the best possible direction.

Installation and registration in Water Puzzle Genius:

We can download the application from the Google PlayStore, in order to find it we simply have to use the search engine. Most likely we will find it among the first results.

The application does not require any login, so you don’t have to worry about entering any data. The downside of this is that most apps that do not offer registration are PUAs. Plus none of our progress was saved.

How does it work?

You will be given some mixed colored water bottles that you will need to rearrange. So your job is to make sure that each bottle contains only one color. Just select the bottle and pour the water into another bottle until you complete the level. Because there is little room to play with the liquids, you should consider carefully before transferring the liquids from one bottle to another.

Since the higher levels get more and more complex, you may want to use props. For example, you can get an extra bottle, undo or rearrange all the liquids. After completing the level, you will receive a generous cash reward of up to $60 on the condition that you watch the video.

Water Master will award you Amazon Badges if you complete the level using a limited number of moves. Even if they bear the Amazon logo, you can redeem them for PayPal, Amazon gift cards or any other method as long as you reach 500 badges. The app also features a rewards section where you can collect puzzles and redeem them for iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, Sony camera, and more. You need to collect ten fragments by clicking on the bubbles, watching videos or spinning the wheel.


You can supposedly withdraw your funds using PayPal, Line Pay, Alipay, Worldpay, and other methods.

However, you must reach level 15 before you are allowed to withdraw the minimum amount of $200.

Water Puzzle Genius Conclusion

Water Master is no different from hundreds of fake money games already exposed on this blog. They are usually made with unity and thrive on people’s drive to make a quick buck. It starts with an attractive advertisement that says you can earn hundreds of dollars through PayPal.When you start the game, you will find the first condition that you need to meet in order to cash out. However, cunning developers will never reveal what is hidden behind the first withdrawal requirement. It is usually an endless stream of video requirements that will increase your earnings while wasting your time.

However, Water Master will inform you that your money is being processed and there are over 9000 people ahead to pay. It will likely take a few days for this number to reach zero, so in the meantime, players will keep playing to accumulate more money. Please don’t do that because your turn may never come; even if he does, they won’t pay him a penny. I’ve tried enough games using the same tactic to lure players into seeing a lot of ads, and it’s disgusting!

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  1. misspandita

    Thank you for the information.

  2. Rico johns

    I almost got cought by the game only to realize it’s a scum. Thanks for the information.

  3. Jay

    I tried the game yesterday, hit the allotted milestones and my PayPal was hit for a $24.99 withdrawal. BIG SCAM!

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