Mega Dozer 2022, Does it pay $200 a day? [Review].

Mega Dozer 2022, Is it Scam or Pay?

It was published by Mega Dozer Studio , which despite having a name that sounds pretty familiar to me, is not a studio that I have talked about in this blog. Mega Dozer 2022 is a game that emulates a casino , or at least that’s what it looks like in its graphics, since it seems to only emulate a game that we could find in that place. Our main objective with this article is to know if it pays or not . Let’s hope it does.

It does not have a publication date, which is starting to be a bit curious since there are already several applications that do not have this public information. Its last update was on September 30 of this year, at least it is not abandoned. It has more than 100,000 downloads and no public comments due to being in “early access” . Here we will give it the benefit of the doubt thanks to the date of the update, perhaps it is really an app in development and not a creator desperate to hide negative comments.

There is not much to say about the studio that created it, nor about the game as such. It has attractive graphics as can always be expected from applications that emulate casinos , lots of coins , lots of bills and little creativity. The same drawings, the same colors and the same gameplay.

What is Mega Dozer 2022?

This application was developed by Mega Dozer Studio , a studio of which there is no trace on the internet . There is not even a single review that allows us to know how it works or if it has published an app before, or if, on the contrary, it is one of those studies that have been taken down due to user complaints and then have been refounded to continue scamming .

One thing I find positive is that it doesn’t seem to have in-app purchases , which is a good thing considering how addictive gambling can be At least this detail tells me that the creator is a bit more honest than some we’ve already seen. Unfortunately, it still falls into the fact of promising impossible things, such as rewards greater than those of a lottery . A complete farce.

The game is quite simple, Mega Dozer 2022 does not stand out especially from others that you can find in the Play Store . It’s just a game meant to be generic and forgettable by copying the formula that others have already drawn. I know it may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. The only thing that changes in my opinion is the name, which does not follow the formula of games of this type, otherwise everything is exactly the same.

Mega Dozer 2022

Installation and registration in Mega Dozer 2022.

If you can’t find the application or you’re too lazy to look for it, don’t worry, at the end of this article you’ll find a link that will take you directly to download it in case you want to try it. When you find it, click “install” and wait for the download to finish and then click “open”. Mega Dozer 2022 weighs 56 MB, you tell me if it seems little, much or just.

When you enter the application you will receive some instructions but nothing to register, this will be done later by linking an account.

Mega Dozer

How to play?

When you enter Mega Dozer 202#, the first thing you come across are some instructions that, to tell the truth, are a bit long to memorize, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to play here. The first thing will be to go through the instructions so that the screen is free to make the movements that we require in the game. The second thing will be to locate ourselves at the bottom of the screen, there will be a container that will collect our winnings.

Your main objective will be to throw coins at the correct moment so that the ones that are already deployed by the machine fall. When you do this, the container will collect them and they will be added to different balances , some will be coins , others will be bills and you may get coupons or gift cards like Amazon.

Each amount will go to a specific balance , plus you will be able to access a Slots game once you meet the requirement of 50 coins thrown. Of course, what you win in Slots will also be added to your balance and you can withdraw it later. Basically you just have to press your screen all the time, until the app does things automatically.

Mega Dozer 2022


In Mega Dozer 2022 there are several ways to withdraw your money . You can do it through PayPal , which is the most typical way, or you can do it through Amazon . For this second option, they will send you a code to your email that you can enter in your Amazon account and spend calmly.

The minimum withdrawal in both cases is $300 , which seems pretty easy to achieve. You can also withdraw the amount of $600 and $1,000 dollars . Another thing they offer is collecting tokens for a puzzle where you can win various electronics.

Dozer 2022

Final opinion of Mega Dozer 2022.

It is a game that can serve as entertainment, but it will not work for you for anything else, since you will not pay a single penny . Mega Dozer 2022 fails with its promise and wastes your time , but at least we can recognize that it is not a scam because at no time will it ask you to deposit money . If you have it installed and you like it, great, just remember that it won’t pay you . If you still want to play, fine, but if you just wanted to be paid , then delete it.

Like this there are many applications in the Play Store , which go around waiting for users to fall into their clutches to scam them . If you want to know what they are, do not hesitate to review the blog so that you can know first-hand the name of the applications that it is better to avoid, we do this so that you do not waste your time and can use it for something better and more profitable.

If you review our entries you will find a list with several names of applications that do pay , it is called precisely “Apps that do pay” . So that you keep it in mind and read it, there you will get applications that fit your tastes and, incidentally, they pay you to use them . Just remember that each of the apps on that list has an article in which we further detail the app and give you tips to earn more money.


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  1. Salo

    I can confirm that Mega Dozer 2022 is a scam.
    I have won thousands of dollars that shows transfered but never reached my Pay Pal account. Also won thousands of dollars that all requirement for withdrawls was reached and after a week they said that withdrawl rwquirements was not reached and cancelled. 100% a scam. Dont waste hours like me.

  2. Desire

    That’s why they are called white,they cheat on everyone,how can they bring in a game that doesn’t pay and lied that it pay instantly.with their rubbish ads or advertisement.rubbish

  3. Okoro godstime

    I have won alot of money. but no payment yet.for how long I my going to like a scam.

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