Flip Em All A Legitimate App Or Scam [Review]

 Flip Em All, Do You Really Make Money?

No matter what my verdict is, I will leave you at the end of the article some lists of apps that do pay. You can find all kinds of applications to earn money. From apps to earn money by playing, to apps to earn money for listening to music. You are free to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. All these applications were tested by me and evaluated fairly.

This article is made based on my experience with the application, if you doubt the veracity of this, I invite you to try the application.

What is Flip ‘Em All?

Flip Em All is a casual game that allows players to earn easy money and withdraw money via PayPal and other platforms. The goal is to strategically flip the squares so that they are all blue side up.

Each level offers a unique puzzle with more challenging square arrangements that will test your reasoning. Once you complete the task and complete the level, you will receive a decent cash prize. But just like with other “cash games”, there is one condition to receive your reward: watching a promotional video.

Flip em all

Installation and registration in Flip Em All:

It was very easy for me to install this app because it appeared in an ad. But the truth is that finding it is somewhat difficult. Therefore, if you want to try it, you can click on the following link: Click Here.

Not without first not having seen my verdict, and if you want to try it later, it will be at your own risk.

The application does not have any registration, which reveals that the developers do not care about their users. I say this because having registration, they will have more control over what we do. It is also a sign that they care about our progress. Since, by not having a record, it is most likely to be deleted with any accident that occurs. Whether you delete the application or its data, or lose the cell phone.

Flip em all

How does it work?

To play, you will have to slide yellow balls over squares, which will flip to reveal the opposite side. Each level is designed to present a new set of challenges to the player. This is because the ball will inevitably go over the squares that are already facing blue.

So the concept is similar to the magic cube, which requires players to think critically and creatively to solve the puzzle. After completing the level, Flip Em All will offer you a generous cash prize, but there is a catch:

You will be tempted to click the button to activate a short promotional video and watch it complete to claim the reward. 

Flip Em All rewards players with Amazon virtual cards that can also be converted into real money. Also, you can click bubbles and match puzzle pieces to redeem iPhone 13 Pro, MacBook Pro, Sony TV and many other prizes. 


To withdraw money from Flip Em All, click on the withdrawal icon on the left side of the screen. It will then ask you to choose one of eight payment methods: PayPal, Line Pay, Alipay, and Worldpay.

Once you select your preferred payment method, enter the amount you wish to withdraw. It is worth noting that there is a minimum payment requirement of $200. Also, you will have the option to withdraw $500 once you accumulate 500 virtual Amazon cards. 

Flip Em All Conclusion

Stay away from Flip Em All’s clever marketing tactics to lure users with fake cash rewards. The game may seem harmless at first glance, but it is just another platform to exploit people’s desire for easy money. The only ones who profit financially from these games are the developers and advertisers. So, they earn real money while you collect worthless pixels on your smartphone. 

Upon reaching the minimum payment threshold they will reveal a hidden requirement: complete 15 levels   to approve the order. But that’s just part of the continuing illusion designed to waste your time watching videos. After completing all the levels, you will find that your so called “order” is being processed and you have to wait in a queue with more than 9000 players. Your position will be updated every minute, but unfortunately, this is completely false. Even if the number hits zero, you’ll never see any payouts in your account as cash rewards don’t exist. 

If what you want is to earn money with applications, I invite you to read our lists of apps that do pay . In order to find them, you simply have to go to the search engine (upper right corner of the page) and look for the following terms: “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “Five applications that help you earn money extra” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”  and  “Best Apps To Earn Extra Money 2023” . We have collected many apps that can earn you good earnings there. You’ll findapplications to earn money playing games , applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.




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