Spin4Cash – An App That Pays? (Review)

Spin4Cash – The Game That Promises to Pay You

If you are a fan of gambling or casino-inspired games, it seems that this new application I discovered is ideal for you.

The application I’m talking about is ” Spin4Cash “, an App that promises you to win huge amounts of money just for playing a game of roulette. The truth is that it seems to me a quite entertaining game, since you will have to accumulate certain amounts of coins to move to the next level, this seems to me as a kind of personal challenge.

To me this sounds sensational, but we will have to find out if this App really pays, fake or true?

This all sounds too good to be true, so join me in finding out!

What is Spin4Cash ?

Spin4Cash is a pretty simple app to play and promises you a lot of fun, plus the developers promise that you will get huge amounts of money in no time.

It is just a matter of spinning the roulette wheel and in this way you will obtain coins that after a while you will be able to exchange for money.

Also within the application you get certain technological prizes or extra coins, but for this you must have an application installed for a long time. This application will be one of the options that the game offers you.

Each application has a higher or lower reward, so it will be totally your decision if you want to download it or not.

How to Install ?

This is quite simple, you just have to type in your Google Play browser the name of the application mentioned above and tap the button that says “install”, now you just have to wait for the application to download completely, to start playing.

We also give you the option to touch the download link that is in the word “Google Play” in the previous paragraph.

How to Play?

This is a very simple game, you just have to spin the wheel that appears on the screen and wait for luck to be on your side to win the most coins.

How does Spin4Cash pay you?

Spin4Cash gives you the option to win through roulette, but for this you have to reach the minimum amount of each level.

The minimum amount of the first level is 16000 coins and as the levels advance the minimum amount of coins you will have to get will be higher, each time you go up a level you will have the opportunity to win larger amounts of money.

This App also has the option to pay you for having downloaded an application, the longer you have it downloaded the higher the reward will be.

This App promises to pay you through your PayPal account.

You must keep in mind that the app only allows you to give certain spins per day.

Spin4cash, is it a legitimate app to win?

Spin4cash is an application that DOES PAY, but the truth is that you will have to spend quite a few days playing to get a big reward, but if you are interested in earning a few dollars, this App may work for you, although it is not the App that I recommend the most.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true I will leave below the download link.


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