Happy Dice 3D, Does the app pay or is it a scam? [Review]

Happy Dice 3D, Is it Scam?

In this article I will tell you about Happy Dice 3D , an application to earn money playing games that is often promoted as an app that does pay . It is a simple game and for playing it they promise us hundreds of dollars , although most likely it will end up being another junk application .

At the end of this article, you will be able to know if this application really pays or is just another junk application found in the Play Store . In addition, in this part you will also see a series of lists that bring together a large number of apps that do pay and where you can surely find an application to earn money by playing or performing micro tasks .

In addition, you will also have a link that takes you to the most extensive list, the one that has more than 50 apps that do pay and you can access it just by pressing its name. Don’t forget that this blog has nothing to do with the studio or the game, we only review the apps and give reviews.

What is Happy Dice 3D?

With Happy Dice 3D we return to the typical games of always. This time it will be the typical dice game that we have seen on many occasions in applications to earn money by playing . Although this time it will be somewhat particular due to the way they carried out the game and above all, the way the interface is planned.

From what I reviewed, Happy Dice 3D was created by Jamly CC, Inc , a studio that I have luckily not reviewed up to this point. This company has created two applications so far and they are both about the same thing: an application to earn money playing games that is promoted as a legitimate application even though it is not like that at all.

Personally, I do not recommend that you install any of the Jaime CC, Inc applications , since they will all be a scam application . If what you want is to find an app to earn money , then you better check our lists of apps that do pay .

Happy Dice 3D

Installation and registration in Happy Dice 3D:

Although it has a somewhat generic name, the truth is that it is easy to find it and you can do it just by typing its full name in the Play Store search engine . If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, in the same way you will have the link below so that you can check it.

The application will not ask you for any data to register, nor will it ask you to link an account. This time your only focus will be to have fun and earn money .

Happy Dice 3D

How to play?

When you enter Happy Dice 3D you will see the particularity that the app has. When you enter you will see that there are several dice scattered throughout the screen, but these are loaded by some kind of dolls that pretend to be cute. In these dolls there are several dice placed on top and they are covered with a transparent dome.

All you have to do is press the button that says “Roll” and let luck be on our side. It seems the objective is simply to hope that most of the dice can agree on the number that comes up and thus get our reward . A simple game and also quite monotonous.

Your reward at the beginning will be good and it will seem that you can reach the minimum withdrawal easily, but this will not be the case. As you progress you will see that various ads will begin to appear and the reward will begin to drop.

application to earn money playing - apps that do pay


Curiously, there is only one withdrawal method and that is MercadoPago . A not very unusual payment method that is present in our countries, but it is curious that it is the only option. Regarding the minimum withdrawal , I must tell you that this is $1,000 dollars or the equivalent of the currency of your country , since it is possible that you will get out with that conversion.

application to earn money playing- apps that do pay

Conclusion of Happy Dice 3D:

I don’t think anyone can get to have fun with this, much less if we take into account the frequent announcements. Happy Dice 3D is designed solely to profit the creator, but completely forgets the user. There is not a good gameplay experience, the game is repetitive and apart from being saturated with commercials. Nothing is saved. Happy Dice 3D does not pay , better check the lists of apps that do pay that I mentioned to you.

The lists you talked about are called: “Five apps that help you earn extra money” , “Apps to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “25 Best Apps to Earn Money” and “Best apps to earn money online 2023” . You can access them through the search engine that the blog has integrated, which you can access through the menu. In these lists it will be very easy for you to find an application to earn money by playing or an application to earn money for performing micro tasks .

Also if you check the end of this article you can also find a list. This is the most complete and extensive list that we have and every application there is verified. To go to it, just click on the box with its name, “Apps that do pay” . Besides, you can write in the comments the name of any app that you want us to review, we will do it as soon as possible.




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