Crazy Balls 2048 – Do You Pay Your Users? [Review]

Crazy Balls 2048, is it legit?

An  app to earn money playing games  is nothing new, but  Crazy Balls 2048  is constantly promoted as an  app that does pay , which is also nothing new, but one that we want to test. We’ll see how real this is, but for that keep reading.

If you want to understand what it is about, how good it is, but above all, if it is really an  app that does pay  or one that is better to stay away from, do not hesitate to read until the end. I will tell you everything and it will be an honest opinion, since we do not promote or have anything to do with any studio or application, we are just users just like you. If it’s a junk app I’ll tell you.

In addition, if you stay until the end you will be able to find some lists that gather several  apps that if they pay , in these it will be very easy to find an  application to earn money playing . Each list has very good applications and each app there has an article in which I describe each aspect in greater detail so that you understand it better and know how to use it. Do not forget that they are all verified and if they  stop paying , we will notify you. In addition, the blog is constantly updated, so that you take it into account and check often.

What is Crazy Balls 2048?

Crazy Balls 2048  is the  typical earn money game app  , a copy of Candy Crush. You only have to sign groups so that they then disappear. In the midst of this, of course you should also see an inordinate amount of advertising, as usual with PUAs.

I understand that our goal with these apps is not to have fun, but to get money . But it wouldn’t be bad if they make the task of entertaining ourselves a bit easier and so that the minutes we spend in there don’t seem eternal. Still, I can’t ask for much, since from what I’ve reviewed, the company in charge of creating the app ( Prayitna Pradipta ) is used to creating multiple generic games, some pass them off as apps to earn money while playing games and others simply as apps for entertainment.

Prayitna Pradipta  has created several apps, not all of them are about the same thing, but it’s safe to say that they are generic apps pretending to be paid apps . As I have already told you, it is better to look for information before installing each one and do not place all your trust at first, many tend to be simply a lie and it is best not to fall for them.

Crazy Balls 2048

Installation and registration in Crazy Balls 2048:

The app is easy to find, although I don’t really recommend looking for it because after all, it seems to be another waste of time. In the same way, if you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, so it is discarded from the list of results. If this happens, it is best to leave it like this, I do not recommend that you look for any APK or something similar.

To enter you do not need any type of registration with email or external accounts. It won’t ask you for a username either, just focus on playing and that’s it.

application to earn money playing - app that does pay

How to play?

Well, this is the most important part of all and surely you can already get an idea of ​​the way it works. You only have to form groups with the tiles that are on the board, your objective is to get a number of combinations until the game itself tells you that it is enough.

I think that what  Crazy Balls 2048 presents is already quite common, at least in terms of  applications to earn money playing games.  We have seen this game hundreds of times and surely you already have more than clear how it works and what you must do to win. All groups must be made up of at least a minimum of three tiles, these must be identical in color and be close to each other, otherwise they will not be able to move for the combination.

In the middle of the game the reward will be given to you , but this is somewhat low. In addition, later they add ads, if you want to earn more you must see if or if advertising and I think that nobody is willing to do that. Besides, we already know very well how that story ends.

application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can request your payments through PayPal , CashApp , PayTM and DANA so what you will have here are options. It seems to me that the best option is PayPal , but this is already in your hands, although I recommend having an account there for future payments from other apps.

The minimum withdrawal is the same in both options and it is nothing more and nothing less than $200 dollars , an unreal figure for any app. It is impossible to sustain a project that pays users so much.

Crazy Balls 2048

Crazy Balls 2048 Conclusion  :

The app is lousy, it’s not worth it even for fun because there isn’t much to do. It’s the same game as always and honestly I don’t think you’d be interested in having a game on your cell phone that only forces you to watch ads and  doesn’t give you any benefit :  no money , no fun. Crazy Balls 2048 is an  app that does not pay , but do not be discouraged, in this blog you can find several  applications to earn money by playing .

Here you can learn about some  apps that do pay  and that are really useful for  generating extra income , these are gathered in our lists. To access the lists, just search the  Play Store search engine  for the following names:  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra money” ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023”  and  “Applications to earn money online 2023” .

Also, feel free to review all the articles we have, in them there is a lot of information that can help you rule out some apps that are quite popular, but are still junk  applications . And also do not forget to leave in the comments any questions or suggestions you have.




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    Crazy balls 2048 is a scam, a big one at dat, their ads are too much, more than too much and at d end they won’t give u a dime!! I regretted downloading it and wasting my precious time on it😡😡

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