Boom Battle – Online PvP – The best paid online game? (Review)

While there are many online games on the Internet, it seems that Boom Battle – Online PvP, is a good choice for you, remember that in this blog we do a review through articles, to recommend, or in your case, not to do so, about different applications that you can find on platforms like Google Play, Play Store, and App Store. Read on to find out much more, and find out if this is a paying app, or a scam app.

What is Boom Battle – Online PvP ?

This is an app, which we can find on the Google Play platform, very different from the rest, it presumes to pay those users who decide to use it, to play, or in most cases, to win some amount of money, we must remember that there are many like this, and most end up being scam, however we have the illusion that this is not the case.

It is an application with more than 500,000 downloads, which means that it is very popular among the public, because if you compare it with other applications, this has more than average, I can also tell you that on the Google Play platform, we can find that it is suitable for all audiences, this means that it does not contain explicit material, since anyone, whether child or adult, can use it.

It has more than 10,000 opinions, it has 4.1 rating, however we must also see that this does not always mean that this is the real rating, as there are many ways to earn this score, and it is not always honestly. Its last update is a long time ago, this means that the developers are not as aware of this app, and therefore probably won’t pay you either, the date is August 26, 2022.

Installation and registration in Boom Battle – Online PvP :

This application is very easy to find, you just have to put the name that is at the beginning of our article, and it will appear on the Google Play platform, however, it is also very important to know that we have to make sure that it is the correct application, as often there are people who are confused, and download one on their devices, which is not correct, this can be avoided by looking at the main image of the app.

Like most applications, they are not difficult to use games, only your device must be compatible with the operating system of the game, if it is not, you can not use the app.

This app does not ask for a mandatory registration, and it is a good point and what you are looking for is just to have fun, and you do not have so much time to create a registration.

Payments in Boom Battle – Online PvP :

In order to get rewards, and to unlock more games within this app, you must obtain victories, which you will get playing, you can also generate more money by inviting friends, and you can play together with them, does not ask you to use some minimum amount to get started, and usually these applications what they do is pay by PayPal, or any of those applications for money transfers, however we are still discovering if this application pays, and so far I can tell you that it is an application communico riente, like others you might find on these platforms.

It is also important to tell you, that the moment an app asks you to make a deposit in order to get rewards, don’t do it, as that means they are just looking to scam you.


While it is an addictive application which you can spend hours and hours playing, with a nice and colorful interface, fun games within the same app, I regret to tell you that this application does not pay, they will only make you see a lot of ads, which will make you get bored quickly, and when you want to claim your rewards, they will disappear.

If you want to know other apps that do pay, I invite you to check our blog, at the end of the article you will get the link, and you can access all the lists we have of apps that do pay.

You can also search our blog, applications that you have found and you want to check its veracity, I hope this article has been useful for you, and that you come back to read more about apps that do pay, and applications that scam you, remember that we do this in order that you do not waste your time playing applications that are not worth it, as we will previously use them to give you the best recommendation.



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