Block Puzzle Winners Get Paid To Play? [Review]

Block Puzzle Winners, Do you really win money?

I recently came across an advertisement for Block Puzzle Winners, an application that promises you to earn money by playing games. The truth is, I very much doubt that this is an app that does pay, since both in the ad and in the PlayStore its presentation is doubtful. But even so, that’s what this blog is for, to test the applications, no matter how false they may seem. I will put this application to the test and determine if it really pays or if it is a simple scam that we must avoid. Honestly, the app looks like many others I’ve reviewed, so I don’t know whether to take any chances at all.

Although regardless of whether Block Puzzle Winners is a legitimate application or not, I will leave you with some lists of apps that do pay at the end. In these lists you will find more than 90 applications from which you can choose. You will have applications to earn money by playing, applications to earn money with surveys and much more. All you have to do is choose the one that looks best to you, the rest is up to you. All the applications that are in the lists are verified by us and each one has its respective article.

This article is written based on my experience with the application, I have also researched the opinion of its users to tie up loose ends. The entire article was written on totally solid and trustworthy foundations. If you come to doubt the veracity of this, you are free to try the application and experience it for yourself.

What is Block Puzzle Winners?

Block Puzzle Winners is an app to earn money by playing games released by スマートジョイゲーム on January 14, 2022. The app is a simple Puzzle game where we need to fit pieces into a grid to win our rewards. The application currently has more than 50 thousand downloads and does not contain any opinions.

This is because it is an application in early access, this made me doubt too much, since these types of apps are the ones that are usually PUAs. But I did not want to rush and I decided to try the application and find out if it is worth it or not.

Block Puzzle Winners

Installation and registration in Block Puzzle Winners:

We can easily find this application by searching for it by name in the Google PlayStore. It will appear in the first result, all we have to do is enter its page and install it. The download will begin and the installation will be done automatically when finished.

This application does not require any kind of registration. This is something to worry about in many cases, as you may lose your data and game progress.

Block Puzzle Winners

How does it work?

The operation is quite simple, in order to earn scores and rewards we must go collecting blocks. In order to make them disappear we must form a line that crosses from one side to the other. That is, every time you complete a line, it will disappear and score and rewards will be added to your account. I find it curious that the blocks remind me a bit of Tetris because of the shapes they can take. Besides that they will give us only three blocks at the bottom of the screen.

Each time the blocks we have at the bottom of the screen are finished, three more blocks will be generated. It is quite simple to understand, in addition to this we will have tools that we can buy with the coins that we will earn. Because yes, at the end of each level we will earn coins and cash. The first serving as game economy and the second as a redeemable reward.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay


The supposed payments of the application are made through the PayPal payment platform. The truth is that this seems to me an excellent payment option, but we must not ignore that lately it is the bait of junk apps. They make you believe that you can collect through PayPal so that you trust yourself and continue investing your time in them.

The minimum withdrawal amount that they ensure will reach your account is no more and no less than $100. Another alarm for me, that this game generates $100 for each of its users seems crazy to me. The developers do make a good amount of money, but I don’t think it’s enough to cover these expenses.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Block Puzzle Winners Conclusion

Block Puzzle Winners is a non-paying app and not only that, it will completely waste your time. Upon reaching the supposed reward, they will tell us that we must wait for it to become effective. This can be a matter of hours, days or weeks, it seems absurd to me. And all this under the excuse that all payments are made manually. This is nothing more than a vile excuse for you to continue in the application during this time. What’s more, they encourage you to keep earning rewards so you can “withdraw a lot more money”. 

It is nothing more than a dirty trick on the part of the developers, they want to make the most of the profits that you can give them while waiting for a prize that does not exist. When the time of withdrawal arrives, they will tell you that the transaction could not be carried out due to an error in your email address.

If what you want is to earn money with applications, I invite you to read our lists of apps that do pay . In order to find them, you simply have to go to the search engine (upper right corner of the page) and look for the following terms: “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “Five applications that help you earn money extra” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”  and  “Best Apps To Earn Extra Money 2023” . We have collected many apps that can earn you good earnings there. You’ll findapplications to earn money playing games , applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

If you have any opinion of this application or of the article, do not hesitate to leave it to me in the comments, I will read them with pleasure. Do you have any suggestion? You can also leave it in the comments. If it is an app, as far as possible I will do a complete review.




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  1. Leslie Sears

    Block Puzzle Win and Word Connect Win both did the same thing to me. I got notified by both games that I would receive my $100 within 3 to 5 business days. I took screenshots of this on several occasions. Both games did the same thing: said PayPal declined payment because my screen name was incorrect. The irony is both games misspelled my screen name the same way by adding an extra “3” in the same spot. So I corrected that and now I’m told because of Covid I will have to wait 7 to 14 days for payment. What kills me the most is you have to verify your email before you play. For them to make the same scam exactly alike is more than unethical.

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