Virus Blast – Shooting Game ¿Legit or Scam App? (Review)

Today we bring you an article of the application Virus Blast – Shooting Game, this is what you can find on various platforms, but today I’ll be talking specifically about the one you can find on Google Play, remember that in this blog we do reviews of applications that claim to be paying, on the Internet you can find applications of all kinds, to listen to music, social networks, etc. read on to find out and this is a paying application, or we are simply facing another scam application.

What is Virus Blast – Shooting Game ?

This is an application that first we can see is quite simple, and which has many bad reviews, I can also say that it has more than 100,000 downloads, which is the considerable number and put it on a scale with other applications that are dedicated to technically the same, it is suitable for all audiences, has 2.8 rating within Google Play, and has not so many reviews.

In order to play you will only have to protect your land, in this game it is mainly said that the whole world is united, focused on the same thing, focus all your forces to overcome difficulties, build Super weapons, and protect the world together, that is what you can find in the description of the game within the application.

Its last update, was a few months ago, which can mean something bad, since usually when this happens, the applications are not paying, and its last update was on January 4, 2023 .

Installation and registration in Virus Blast – Shooting Game :

As such there is no registration that you are going to do, you will simply have to start playing, this can mean something bad since it means that you will not be able to go saving your achievements in case what something happens with your device, or with the application, it is a simple game only you will have to start touching the screen to launch cannonball, this in order to be able to attack the virus, and fun, you can also upgrade the weapons you are going to use and within all these you can find a great variety, so you can choose the one you like the most.

According to the reviews that I find on the Google Play platform, its users say it is an entertaining app, however there are many ads within this, which can hinder the operation, these are brief but probably every minute since launching a new ad.

Payments in Virus Blast – Shooting Game :

Reading all the reviews I can conclude that this application does not pay, and I also found that you will be able to make less than a dollar a day, and this does not exempt that you are going to withdraw your money, it also hinders a lot as I already told you the fact what there are many ads within this application, and apparently there is also a game limit, many say that you can only play two hours a day, and then you have to wait until the next day, that makes the game very tedious, and besides it is not dynamic, you will only have to shoot, and wait to create points.


We were in front of a scam application, however do not be discouraged, remember that at the end of this article you can find a link which you can visit, and read our list of apps that do pay, and find the one that best suits your needs, within this list you can find applications to answer surveys, play games, watch Videos, whatever you like.

It is sad to know that today there are still developers who continue to take advantage of the time of users who nobly download the application, in order to generate extra income.

I hope this article has been of your help, remember to visit our site, all the applications that are in the list of APPS THAT DO PAY, are previously used by us, and we are constantly updating it.



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