Unlimit Emoji Merge – Does It Really Pay Its Users? [Review]

Unlimit Emoji Merge, Scam or legitimate?

This time I will tell you about  Unlimit Emoji Merge , an  application to earn money playing games  that is presented as an  app that does pay , something that seems unreal. The app was created by a studio that we already know and of which I don’t have the best references, but I’ll try the game to see if it surprises us.

Read until the end if you want to know if it really is an  app that you pay for  or a junk app that you should beware of, here you can find all the information based on my experience. Remember that we have nothing to do with any study or app, so we do not promote anyone, we are just users like you looking for some  applications to earn money playing. Well, it’s not bad if we find applications to earn money by performing various tasks or answering surveys, as is common.

Also, if you read until the end you will be able to find some lists in which there are some apps that do pay, there are applications of all kinds. From applications to earn money by playing, performing micro tasks or answering surveys. There are also  applications to earn money from PayPal , to  applications that reward you with gift cards or bank transfers.

What is Unlimited Emoji Merge?

I think with the images of  Unlimit Emoji Merge you can get a slight idea of ​​what it’s about, it’s just another puzzle game that I add a few emojis to the formula to make it more visually pleasing. Everything will be based on the emojis that are there. And well, while emojis may be nice to some, I doubt anyone is here for this reason, only the money proposition seems to be attractive, otherwise I think another game would be preferable.

The truth is that the application is well programmed, I can’t complain about it and neither about the graphics. Although these are somewhat simple and the ads that appear suddenly make it somewhat uncomfortable. It seems that 600 Game Studio  (company that created it), always tries hard at this point to appear trustworthy. The studio has already published other applications and all of them are promoted as  applications to earn money by playing games . They are also all PUAs that are very popular due to the lies they advertise with. If you see one of their ads, you will surely believe that they are apps that do pay , but nothing is further from the truth.

There is not much more to say, the company that created it is an expert in this type of deception and unfortunately it seems that there is nothing that can stop it. The creations that you see in your profile are nothing more than copies of other games, many are even copies of  apps that do pay .

Unlimited Emoji Merge

Installation and registration in Unlimit Emoji Merge:

The app has a relatively generic name, but it is still easy to find for any user. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, for this there is no solution and it is best to continue.

Here you should not give any data or external account to be linked, since no registration is necessary. You just have to focus on playing.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

 How to play?

As you can see when you enter  Unlimit Emoji Merge , you will have a board where there are quite a few tiles that have an emoji on them. They all have a representative emoji that differentiates them from the rest and makes them easy to distinguish and, in turn, to group. These play an important role and it is thanks to them that we can meet our goal.

Your goal is simply to press a tile that is close to some others that are identical and make an exchange. For this, there must be at least three identical tiles and at least two must be together, in this way you will exchange the third one with an emoji that is left over and you will form a group. The game will notify you when you have made enough groups and you can pass the level. 

The  reward  will be delivered in the middle of the game, which is quite annoying and will definitely force you to watch a lot of ads. In addition, the totally unrealistic and at least in my case, there were shifts in which I got to get what a day’s work gives in my country. Something totally unreal.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal , bank transfer and Amazon . The  minimum withdrawal  is  $500 , although you can also request payments for other amounts such as $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 , but this is already waiting too long. 

Apart from Amazon you need some kind of tokens, the minimum withdrawal is $100 dollars and for this you need 100 tokens. You can also request payouts for $500 and $1,000 with their respective amount of chips.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Unlimit Emoji Merge  pay ?

I can honestly tell you that Unlimit Emoji Merge is an app that does not pay , it is not worth having it on your cell phone. It only wastes space and battery, but it is not an app that offers you anything in return. The reward it offers is simply a poorly executed lie that should be highly suspect from the start. The best thing is that you delete the app and look for a new one, one that really does what it promises. Here on the blog you have some examples in lists that are proven.

All the lists that I am going to tell you about can be found in this blog, they are all verified applications and you can verify them yourself. These lists are constantly updated when new legitimate apps are found. Separate each account with an article in which there is more information about each one and there you can know how to use it and  how much money you can earn money . Also below you have the link to the most extensive list of all

You can find the lists in the menu that is found in the three lines that are in the upper right part of the screen, there you will also have a search engine. To access these lists, you just have to search for the following names:  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”, “Applications to earn money online 2023”, “Five applications that help you earn extra income”, “Best applications to earn extra money 2023 ” and “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies”.




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    It is a Fraudy online earning games…If you spend time/ days in playing online games to earn and reach near a winning level, they slow down payment and increase number of advertisement and time for each click or even stop for further paying . It is cyber fraud and unfortunately our local companies are in front line. People pay for net, electricity and spend their time/days hours but they are not paid. Cyber crime prevention authority must take action against such criminals.

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