Merge Ballon 2048, Does It Pay You To Play? [Review]

Merge Ballon 2048, Does it really pay or is it a scam?

Published by Starland-studio , a company that may sound familiar to you because we already talked about an application developed by them, Merge Ballon 2048 is one of those games that promise to pay you several dollars for each game you play.

Its publication date is not available, the information I could find was the date of its last update on August 24 of this year. It has more than 100,000 downloads and so far no public comments.

The application is in the development phase , that is why it appears in front of its name “early access” . I hope it is because the creator wants to improve the game and not because he is hiding negative comments or complaints from users.

What is Merge Balloon 2048?

This game published by Starland-studio is available for Android , you will find it on the Play Store and it looks just like any other game we have already reviewed here. Starland-studio has another published app that we already talked about here, the app ended up being a pretty shameless Scam . I’ll give Merge Ballon 2048 a shot to see if it stands apart from her companion or if it’s just another of the many disappointments we’ve encountered along the way.

The game seems to be another emulation of a puzzle because apparently they are the easiest to recreate and they also manage to attract enough attention from each user. Remember that within everything, the intention of these applications will always be that you stay as long as possible in the game to show you the largest number of ads. Their earnings come from each advertiser that places advertising in their app, which is why normally in these games you get a commercial every time you breathe.

Merge Balloon 2048

Installation and registration at Merge Ballon 2048.

For our luck, it is the first result that the Play Store gives us when we search for its name, if you can’t find it, don’t worry, a button will appear below that will take you directly to its download. Once you select the correct option, click install and wait for the download to finish. Something I didn’t like is that Merge Ballon 2048 is too heavy for what it offers, it weighs 79 MB.

At the moment the application does not ask you for any registration, nor does it make you link an account for payment .

Merge Ballon

How to play?

In Merge Ballon 2048 there isn’t much to do, it only has one game available and apparently all the levels are exactly the same so we can’t expect much. What you have to do is launch a balloon and get it to combine with the one next to it, if you don’t succeed and you exceed the limit, you lose.

Let me explain better, you are going to have a board of five by five spaces, if you reach the top of these spaces you lose the level and you have to restart. You have balloons of different colors and each one has an assigned number, for the same number they all have the same color. Your objective is that your balloon is combined with another that is the same, this will result in a balloon with a higher number and so on until you get a bigger and bigger number each time. I don’t know very well what determines that you pass the level, since in Merge Ballon 2048 a lot of information is missing, it seems badly programmed.

Merge Balloon 2048


Payments are made through PayPal like almost all applications of this type I guess this is done because PayPal is the most popular virtual bank in the world. The minimum withdrawal is nowhere to be found, so this is information that I cannot give you.

Balloon 2048

Final opinion of Merge Ballon 2048.

I do not recommend that you install it and if you already have it on your cell phone with the hope that it will pay you , delete it. Not only will it not pay you , but also you will not be able to have fun or entertain yourself minimally. Merge Ballon 2048 is a bland and unfunny application with simplistic graphics that fail to capture the attention of its users. In addition to this, it does not seem to be an application in which its creator will put a lot of effort, it seems unfinished or poorly programmed. You choose the option that you like the most.

It’s not fair that they play into people’s illusions, but this is becoming more common on the Play Store and there doesn’t seem to be any controls or filters for this. In our blog we try to update daily with applications like this one that promise to pay you , some comply and others do not. All in all, our goal is to keep you away from any scams or waste of time .

Another of our objectives is to help you find applications that do pay so that you can monetize your free time and start generating money from home . Each application published here is verified and in the blog you will find an article with the name of “Apps that do pay” , so that you can review it and find the one that you like the most. Remember that you will not become a millionaire , but it will be an excellent extra income.

The app is not paying

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