Make Money with Givvy Social – If Pay? [Review]

Make Money with Givvy Social, does it really pay you?

If I told you that there is a social network that pays you to interact, would you believe me? Well yes, Givvy Social offers you that and much more. It is not surprising that having the name “Givvy” an application becomes really popular. And it is that these developers have created applications to earn legitimate and entertaining money. They have a wide variety of them and you can earn money by listening to the radio with Givvy Radios or, as in this case, by interacting on a social network.

Givvy Social is a completely legitimate application, but it may still be less convenient for some people. For this reason I will leave you some lists of apps that do pay at the end of the article. In them you will find apps of all kinds, including those of Givvy. You can from earning money walking to earning money for installing apps. You will find more than 90 applications that do pay, verified by ourselves and that have their respective article.

Remember that this article is made based on my experience and that of other users. I also usually include a bit of research, so there are solid foundations on which I built this article. If you don’t think Givvy Social pays, you can try the app for yourself, leave me the results in the comments.

What is Make Money with Givvy Social?

Givvy Social or “Make Money with Givvy Social” is an application to earn money by interacting on social networks launched by Givvy. Its release date was April 20, 2021, that is, it is almost 2 years old. In all this time it has accumulated the great number of 1 million downloads, this type of figure is not achieved by any application.

In short, Givvy Social is an application to earn money for entering your social network and interacting with users. We can earn money for liking, commenting, posting and much more. It is quite an interesting concept given that almost everyone has a social network but not everyone generates income with them. Of course, it may not attract your attention at all and you end up leaving it aside, since it is not the best social network in the world. But to earn extra money it is not bad at all.

Earn money with Givvy Social

Installation and registration in Make Money with Givvy Social

You don’t have to look too far to find this app, literally searching for Givvy Social in any browser or on the PlayStore will give you the right result. When entering the application download page we must click on the install button. The download and installation process will be done automatically.

When we open the application for the first time, we will find a brief registration. We will have two options, register with Facebook or with your Google account. After choosing you must accept the terms of use and conditions. Finally, it will take us to a form where we must enter the following data:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Country
  • Currency

Once the data is entered, they will not give a tour of each of the functions of the application to understand it.

Earn money with Givvy Social

How does it work?

First I will explain it in a simplified way and then in more detail. The first thing we must do is earn coins that we can later convert into cash. To achieve this we must generate them, and boy, does Givvy Social have ways of doing it. We will be able to post, receive likes, give likes and much more. Once we accumulate the minimum withdrawal amount, we must choose between the different platforms that Givvy offers us. Preferably choose the one that suits you best.

Now, I will detail how to earn the coins. You can give up to 40 likes, each like is worth 50 coins. You will also get rewards for receiving likes, but these will be 30 coins for each like received. It is not at all difficult to understand or apply this concept, the only disadvantage that I see is the limit of likes that you can give. There is a solution for this, since we can regenerate them. For this we must wait a while or see advertising. We will also have a posting limit, which may limit some earnings.

Another way that we can use to earn coins are offers and surveys. This type of activity can be found in all Givvy applications. In addition to the fact that they are classic functions of sites to earn money. You can earn good income from these sections and if you complement it well with the main function, you can boost your earnings. Last but not least, we will have a referral system, which is a Win-Win. I say this because when someone registers with your affiliate link, they will give you a reward of 15,000 coins. but there are also rewards for referrals, and it is 5,000 coins upon registration.

When your guest reaches 30,000 coins, you will have a bonus of 25,000 coins. as you can see, it has a good referral system.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay


As in all Givvy applications, we will have a wide variety of withdrawal methods. This is a huge advantage over other apps, as you have more opportunity to diversify your audience.

The options we will have are the following:

  • Coinbase (Minimum withdrawal $0.19)
  • Payeer (Minimum withdrawal $0.19)
  • AirTm (Minimum withdrawal $0.19)
  • Perfect Money (Minimum withdrawal $1.04)
  • AdvCash (Minimum withdrawal $1.04)
  • Amazon (Minimum withdrawal $0.69)
  • Paypal (Minimum withdrawal $1.04)
  • Litecoin (Minimum withdrawal $2.20)
  • Binance (Minimum withdrawal $2.20)

In any case, you can check the availability of each of these options in the withdrawals section.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Conclusion of Make Money with Givvy Social

Make Money with Givvy Social is something very easy to do, there is no doubt that it is a very brilliant idea. Although its execution is not the best, it has merit that it managed to be the best application of this style. And more and more users are joining the snowball that grows and grows over time. But I have to warn you, Givvy Social is not a replacement for your formal job, it just serves as a way to generate extra income. If you are looking for a stable job this is not your application.

If what you want is to earn money with applications, I invite you to read our lists of apps that do pay . In order to find them, you simply have to go to the search engine (upper right corner of the page) and look for the following terms: “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “Five applications that help you earn money extra” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”  and  “Best Apps To Earn Extra Money 2023” . We have collected many apps that can earn you good earnings there. You’ll findapplications to earn money playing games ,applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments. As it is an application suggestion, we will do our research and as far as possible we will make the article. Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.




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