King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins – Does the App Really Pay?[Review]

King Boom Pirate: earn coins, legit or scam?

Today we are going to talk about  King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins , an  application to earn money by playing games  that is presented as an  app that does pay. This app particularly caught my eye so I decided to give it a try and see how it goes and whether or not I can recommend you to use it.

To know everything about this application, do not hesitate to read until the end, there you will find out if it really is an  app that does pay  or a  junk app  that you should stay away from. Remember that this blog has nothing to do with any studio or creator, so all the opinions you find here are sincere and if you don’t believe it, you can try the app for yourself. Although I think you are just looking for information to save yourself this step. Also, regardless of what happens with this app, at the bottom you will have the names of some lists that gather  apps that do pay, there are from  applications to earn money by playing , to  apps that pay for micro tasks.

The application was only updated in January of this year, but it does not have a publication date. So far it has more than 10,000 downloads and there is not much information that can be known. At the moment it is not possible to see any comments, since it appears as an “Early Access” and although it is possible that it is only due to a recent publication date, it is also possible that this happens because the creator wants to hide complaints from the users, but so far there is no certainty of this.

What is King Boom Pirate – Earn Coins?

Curiously,  King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins  presents us with a game that is somewhat dynamic and different from what we have already seen. It is a pirate game in which we will have to attack and defend ourselves, while earning some coins. I think it’s kind of funny, it’s just annoying that it’s always giving instructions and doesn’t allow us to explore the app freely. In addition to being an “application to earn money playing”, it seems to be decorated once you enter.

This app is created by  Tapps Games – PT , a company so far that has published other games that also seek to promote themselves as  paying apps . Now, these games are mixed, coming to have very well programmed games and others that are nothing more than generic games. So far the creator’s objective seems to be to get a wide audience, although it is not very clear to me why, since it does not have much advertising in its apps and as far as it asks to review, it does not have integrated purchases  either .

Personally I think that it is simply a study from which you can take some games and consider them for your fun, but it is not a study that offers security when installing an  application to earn money playing games . Besides, that seems to be a forgotten issue when you enter the app.

King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins

Installation and registration in King Boom Pirate – earn coins:

The application is not complicated at all to find, it is only necessary that you enter the Play Store and place its name in the search bar, it will appear among the first results. If it is not compatible with your cell phone, it will not appear even if you search for it from Google and for this there is no solution, so I only recommend that you continue to the next game.

For entry, no registration, emails or external accounts will be necessary. You just focus on playing and winning as much as possible.

King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins

How to play?

Well, once you enter  King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins  you will have a beautiful introduction where you are shown an island that belongs to you and a map that you have to follow. After this you will have a roulette that covers your entire screen and which you cannot remove, it works in such a way that when you turn it and stop, it will give us a task to perform or a  reward . Most of the time it is a  reward,  although there is also the option to attack an enemy or protect yourself.

Your goal seems to be  to collect as many coins as possible , with them you can then build on your island and build barricades to protect yourself from other pirates. Access to your island is a bit restricted and most of the time it depends on whether or not the roulette wheel tells us whether to go there. I find this a bit annoying to tell you the truth, there is very limited freedom and you have to wait until you get lucky in roulette or else you will be stuck all the time pressing a button without doing much of a task. Otherwise it is fine.

The reward is not very important, at least not in the sense that we want it. It’s apparently only there to be spent in-game, building and rebuilding various things, but  there’s no way to take it back.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


Apparently  there is no withdrawal box , you can only collect coins and diamonds, but they do not give you the opportunity to request your payment or see the minimum withdrawal. In addition it seems that there are also some kind of tokens or stars that you can collect, but their use is limited to the game only. For my part, I think that it only seeks to sell itself as an  application to earn money playing  in order to attract an audience, but nothing more, it is just a strategy.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins Pay  ?

I think you’ll know the answer to this if you read the whole article,  King Boom Pirate: Earn Coins Don’t Pay , it’s just another waste of time and space on your phone. If you have it on your mobile, it’s best to delete it and if you haven’t installed it yet, then don’t, unless you like the game. The intention of this application is simply to create a great community, I guess, to then make them see ads, although they don’t appear very often. The game is still good and it can be nice, but  you must get out of your head that you will earn money.

And yes, I know that this can be somewhat frustrating, but the reality is that it happens very often, although luckily we have been able to find some  apps that do pay . All of these applications are listed, have been tested, and have an article with more information on each one. Also below you will have the link to the most extensive list of all, so that you take it into account and review it.

To access these lists, you just have to enter the menu and from there look for the following names:  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies”, “Best applications to earn extra money 2023”, “25 Best Apps to Earn Money”, “Five applications that help to earn extra money”  and  “Applications to earn money online 2023”. Apart from any doubt or suggestion you can leave it in the comments, as well as the name of any application that you want me to review.




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