JustPlay – Earn Or Donate, Does The App Pay Its Users? [Review]

JustPlay – Earn or donate, is it or pay?

You may have heard about JustPlay – Earn or Donate , an app to earn money by playing games that always claims to be a paying app and which you better check because after all, there are a lot of lies in the Play Store . Throughout this article you will find true information that you can buy for yourself.

Read until the end to find out everything and thus be able to know if it really is an app that does pay or just a junk application that you should discard. Also, if you read to the end you will find several lists that gather apps that do pay and in which there are different applications to earn money by playing games or some apps that pay you for different tasks . All apps are verified.

This app was created in November 2020 and has more than 5 million downloads. It was last updated in January of this year, so yes, at least it’s not abandoned so far and it gives hope to people who end up running into a bug, since they will always have the option to go directly to support .

What is JustPlay – Earn or donate?

JustPlay – Earn or donate is an application to earn money playing that has its own games, so at least you won’t have to go to the Play Store and have space available on your cell phone. The games aren’t the best in the world and their graphics aren’t very good either, but at least you don’t need a space to install new things and although the commercials can be annoying, it won’t be as annoying as on other occasions.

The app is created by JustPlay GmbH , a company where you can only find JustPlay , as no other published app is listed on their profile. Apparently this is his first and only attempt since it was launched and so far it has been more of a success than anything else. JustPlay is an application to earn money by playing games that is an app that does pay and that you can trust most of the time.

The studio may not be well known and not have a reputation in the Play Store , but at least we have verified that it is somewhat reliable. He debuted with an app that does pay and that says a lot.

JustPlay - Earn or donate

Installation and registration in JustPlay – Earn or donate:

As always, I recommend that you install it directly from the Play Store , since APKs do not always end up being something safe or something to trust. You still have the link below in case you can’t find it or it throws an error at you, although the latter may be due to the fact that it is not compatible with your cell phone.

Once inside, you will have the option to register with an email and a password or if you wish, continue like this and register later through the settings menu.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

How does it work?

The operation of JustPlay – Earn or donate is based almost solely on the games that you will have available within the app itself and some other offer, although these are not very common. Everything is very well organized and its interface is also well created or so it can be said, the downside is that it will be a bit mixed with other things.

Each offer will have a description of what it is about, the goal you must meet and how much money you can earn . You will also have a tab in which you can go and see the tasks that you are developing at the moment, how much time is left for you to finish and the ones that you have already finished or cancelled. This helps you so that you can count everything and keep track and if there is any reward that you do not see in your account, you can make the claim.

The reward will always depend on each of the tasks and will be available in your account 24 hours after completing it. I highly recommend that you compare them before starting to carry out each one, so that you can choose the one that leaves you with the most money .

JustPlay - Earn or donate


You can request your payment through PayPal and Amazon and for this you must have a minimum of $50 dollars , although there are also other amounts of money that you can withdraw . Personally, I only tell you that you can expect a lot for $50 dollars because reaching the following figures will be very complicated.

In addition, you can also donate to different entities for charity and some other activities.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

JustPlay Conclusion – Win or Donate:

It is not such a good option, since it will give you a low reward and it also seems to have the problem that some users do not receive the payment . It seems somewhat selective or that it has some errors that do not make it so reliable. JustPlay – Earn or Donate is not that reliable to tell the truth. Its good seems to be an app that if you pay , it is best that you install any other app that is on the lists that the blog has.

Luckily we have had some luck in our search and we have found apps that do pay , they are gathered in lists. To access them you just have to look for the following names through the blog menu: “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “Applications to earn money online 2023” , “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” , “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” and “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” .

Now that you know this, it is in your hands whether to go to them or continue searching only in the Play Store , risking finding only junk applications . You always have the comment box at your disposal, there you can place the name of any app that you want us to review, any questions or suggestions. We will answer it as soon as possible.




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