JOBGUY – Can You Find a Job Online? [Review]

JOBGUY, is it legitimate or scam?

Today I will introduce you to JOBGUY, an application to find jobs online that supposedly is a legitimate application. Here you will be able to browse through different offers and choose the one you like the most or fits your profile, just like a normal job, only this time we will have the opportunity to work online. Although there are also some face-to-face jobs.

If you want to know everything about this app and how good and reliable it is, do not hesitate to read to the end. If it is a legitimate app I will tell you, this way you will know and you will be able to use it with total peace of mind. The same will happen if it is a junk application, I will tell you so you do not waste your time with it. Also if you do not use this app you should not get discouraged, on the web you can find a lot of places where you can become a Freelance or get a job online.

Also if you are unlucky and can’t find a job online it doesn’t matter, here you can find some apps to earn money for free that can help you earn extra money while you get a fixed salary. You can find the names of the lists in the last part of the article, there are from applications to earn money playing, to apps that pay you for micro tasks.

What is JOBGUY?

JOBGUY is an excellent application to find jobs online or well, that’s what most of their ads say, but as we well know, in ads you can say anything. The app seems to be very well organized and something that caught my attention was the ability or rather the liberties they take, since without even asking for permission to access your location, they access and send you jobs that are only available in your city.

You can see this as positive or negative, that depends on your attitude and how jealous you are with permissions and your privacy. Anyway, the app was created by DAZHETINES, a studio that so far has not published any other application and at the moment, does not seem to be very interested in it. There is also no information available about the company and it doesn’t seem to have much of a history. At least the app was created until this year, so I guess the studio must not have much else.

I personally don’t really like online job finding apps, when I’m looking for something similar I go to those platforms that are already established and have years of experience. Many times there are some apps to find jobs online that swear to be a legitimate application, but this is nothing more than a facade to scam users.

Installation and registration in JOBGUY:

It is a fairly new app, but it is still quite easy to find and if you type its name well in the search engine it should not be too difficult to find. However, if it does not work on your operating system it will be automatically discarded and therefore, it will not appear in the list of results.
No registration will be necessary to enter, although you can perfectly make a resume species if you go to the menu that appears at the top left of the screen. Although it will not be necessary either.

How does it work?

Bein, we come to the most interesting point of all and luckily, it’s not complicated at all to use JOBGUY. All you have to do is log in to the app and you will see a lot of available offers, all of them are quite tempting and let’s face it, they are also very unrealistic. Most of the offers have a salary that is more than unrealistic for the offers that are available.

You can browse quietly and as I told you a few steps ago, the application itself is responsible for accessing your location, so you can have offers that are in your city without the need to search or filter in any menu. Each job will have in its description the task that you must take care of, the time you must stay in working hours and the average salary you will receive. Besides, there are also the requirements of each job and many of them ask you for money that must be deposited to a bank account.

You can probably imagine what is involved here, it is simply a scam. No job asks for money beforehand, when this happens it is because it is simply a scam and believe me once you deposit the money everything will vanish. No one will ever get back to you.


The most important part of any application is the payment and this time is no exception and even more when we talk about an application to find a job online. It turns out that you simply have to discuss this with your employer, who will be in charge of telling you what the payment method is, how much you will be paid per working day and how often you will be paid.
Here the company completely washes its hands and leaves all this in the responsibility of invisible people to whom if everything goes wrong, we can not make any claim.


While everything seems to be pretty good and always gives the image of being a legitimate application the truth is that it is not, in fact it is far from it. Look, if you really want an application to find jobs online the best thing to do is to go directly to platforms that are already established and have years of experience. In addition, always look for a platform that offers you support and accompaniment in the process, apart from a guarantee that your work will be paid. JOBGUY is not a legitimate application. In fact, it seems that the person behind each offer is the same creator, so be very careful with this.

Do not be discouraged if this time the search did not end as you wanted, anyway here are some applications to earn extra money while you get something steady. All the applications that you will find in the lists are tested and are paying. They also have their own article and there you can get more information. Also below you will have a link to the most extensive list, in case you don’t want to look for the rest and prefer to go there.


If you want to use apps that actually pay, check out this link for more information.

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