Grapefruit Wallpapers – Make money app? (Review)

Today we will have a review about a new application, Grapefruit Wallpapers, in which you can find a variety of backgrounds that you can use for your mobile device, or one that is of your preference. Remember that in this blog we do reviews of applications so you know if they fulfill their promise to pay or not, and so you do not have to waste your time discovering the very late, in case we are facing a scam application, at the end of this article I will leave a link where you can visit our website, and find a list of applications that do pay, all applications are previously tested by us, and we are constantly updating the list.

What is Grapefruit Wallpapers ?

This is an application of wallpapers for Android, it is important to emphasize that it seems type devices, because if you have one with a different operator, probably will not work, includes wallpapers cute wallpapers striking, these can be configured as a lock screen, or in case you want it to be for your home screen, it can also be so, promises to make your device this than others, thanks to all your wallpapers that has.

I must also tell you what, the difference of this application among all the others, is that it promises to pay you, which to me would be very difficult to happen, since being an application in which technically you’re only going to download wallpapers, it is unlikely that they will really fulfill that promise.

Installation and registration in Grapefruit Wallpapers :

How I told you, this is only an application to hang out, and make your device beautiful thanks to all the wallpapers that have, we can find in the application information within the Google Play platform, which contains more than 300 images of the best HD quality, also highlights us much the fact that this application can get to work even without a stable network connection, or without Internet, in this way you can still download wallpapers.

So far I can tell you that everything seems to indicate that this application does not pay, however you can find the main thing that are the wallpapers, at this point I would recommend that if you are not looking to create an extra income, then use it, however, if your main goal is to earn money through the applications you download, this is not the best option for you.

It does not ask for any kind of registration, you just have to download the application and verify that it is the right one, and start using it.

Payments in Grapefruit Wallpapers :

How I told you, there is not even a section where they explain the form of payment within this application, we have verified from the beginning since no time appears as such, and at the point of us already see downloaded this app, we will realize for ourselves, that this is almost impossible , I mean it is unlikely that we will give us any remuneration for using this app.

Conclusion :

We were in front of a scam application, however do not be discouraged, remember that at the end of this article you can find a link which you can visit, and read our list of apps that do pay, and find the one that best suits your needs, within this list you can find applications to answer surveys, play games, watch Videos, whatever you like.

It is sad to know that today there are still developers who continue to take advantage of the time of users who nobly download the application, in order to generate extra income.

I hope this article has been of your help, remember to visit our site, all the applications that are in the list of APPS THAT DO PAY, are previously used by us, and we are constantly updating it.



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