Givvy Play, Play And Make Money With This Application

Givvy Play – Can you really make money playing games?

There is a quite popular developer of applications to earn money called Givvy, currently having 10 apps, and they assure us that they pay us to carry out simple tasks, today we will see one of them.

Many of us want to earn money by playing games, but is this possible? Well, Givvy offers us an application that focuses on this area, a good sign to try this app and what made me download it, apart from the good reviews and the number of downloads it has, which is brutal compared to other applications to earn current money.

Givvy Play is one of the most popular of the company, they say that they pay us to play, and of course, the typical GPT activities, but does Givvy Play really pay? Is it a legitimate application or is it false? Today we are going to make it known, come with me to know Name and verify if it is an App that does pay.

What is Givvy Play?

Givvy Play is one of the Givvy applications and one of the most popular of these Developers, currently with more than 1 million downloads, 4.3 rating in the Play Store and 71.6k published opinions.

Givvy Play offers us different ways to earn money that are quite typical in GPT (Get-Paid-To) pages and applications, which are simple tasks, offers, surveys and Games.

Focused above all on games, as its name indicates, it allows us to play several of the games available within the app and earn money for it, sounds easy, right?

How to Install Givvy Play?

Givvy Play is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store and it’s totally free.

Givvy Play

Earn money on Givvy Play

How does it work?

The Givvy Play feature is quite simple, just browse the home to see the latest winners and available giveaways, which are free so anyone can enter and win up to $1000 just for participating! You will also find the earning section where you will get all the methods to earn money.

We will have different methods to make money, which I will mention below:

  • Giveaways
  • daily bonus
  • surveys
  • Offers
  • Reward Chests
  • Tasks
  • Invite friends
  • Leaderboard

And we will have several games available:

  • Puzzle
  • rectangles
  • bubbles

In which we will have 6 lives to complete them and earn the maximum number of coins possible

How do they pay you?

Givvy Play has a game currency system, which you can convert to real money, 130 coins being $0.01.

The payment methods in the Givvy applications are usually the same:

  • Coinbase (Minimum $0.19)
  • Payeer (Minimum $0.19)
  • AirTm(Minimum $0.19)
  • Perfect Money (Minimum $1.04)
  • AdvCash (Minimum $1.04)
  • Amazon (Minimum $0.69)
  • Paypal(Minimum $1.04)
  • Litecoin (Minimum $2.20)
  • Binance (Minimum $2.20)

In any case, we can check the availability of any of these forms when withdrawing our earnings.

final verdict

My final verdict is that Givvy Play is an application that does pay you, given that I have already tried other applications from the company and they have paid me without any problem, it is a company committed to fulfilling what it promises and in a good way .

The only problem I have with this type of application is that the payments are quite low, even in the case of offers, surveys or whatever they make us do to earn money, on many occasions they will show us ads without many other options than to see them.

Even saying the disadvantage of the ads above, they are not as many as in other applications, plus they are necessary to generate money for both the developers and the users of the application.


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