Fruit Smash, do you make money with a simple game? [Review]

Fruit Smash: Does it really pay you?

I came across an ad for Fruit Smash, an app that promises to be a paying game. It is based on a gameplay that we have seen before in other apps. I could call it a mix-object game, but with a simpler game design. It is from a studio that we have seen before, but instead of adding positive points, it makes me doubt the veracity of the application. So, I decided to try it out and find out for myself if it is a paying app or just another garbage app.

Regardless of the red flags I came across, I will not make any assumptions as I want to provide an objective review. So, I decided to download, install, and try the application for myself. However, at the end of the review, you can find a list of apps that do pay, tested by me. You can find everything from apps to make money playing games to apps that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies for free. You can decide which one to try based on your needs and criteria.

This article is based on my experience and that of others with the application. In addition to that, I did some research on the application. If you ever doubt what is written here, you can try the application at your own risk.

What is Fruit Smash?

Fruit Smash is an app to earn money by playing games launched by ZQ FUN on September 21, 2022. Although it is a very recent application, it has already achieved a good number of downloads. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times since January 2, 2023. This is a large number of downloads for an app, as not many apps achieve this level of success. Of course, the success of Fruit Smash is due to the fervent advertising campaign that has been made for it. Combined with the promise of money, it is easy to see why it has reached its current level of popularity.

I feel that, if it had not been for this advertising, the application would not have shone on its own. I say this because the way to play it is a bit slow and boring. It is an application that has only one way of using it, and the gameplay does not help at all.

So, as a game, it does not meet my expectations, although I do not doubt that someone else might like it. But its strength was the advertising that was done for it and is still being done.

Installation and registration in Fruit Smash:

We can find the application in the Google Play Store easily. We just need to do a small search with its name. We can easily find it. Of course, make sure it is Fruit Smash from ZQ FUN, as another app might appear.

This step is very important because the Play Store is full of very similar apps in both name and functionality. Finally, it should be noted that the application does not require any registration, so your data is not secure. I say this because if you lose the application or your phone, everything you earn can be considered lost.

How does it work?

The operation is quite simple and simple to understand. It is a game that you will see similar to Candy Crush, with the difference that it is simpler. In this game you simply have to touch groups of the same objects. In these groups there must be 3 or more objects of the same color. Once you touch a group of these, it will disappear, you will earn coins and money. Our objective is to perform all possible combos and finish the level before the time limit.

With this small premise, we can think that it can be fun. But the truth is there is something that, for me, makes it a very boring game. First, it lacks animations, so the movements we make will be simple. The second thing is that it is only limited to making us touch the screen. And finally, it is not a challenge for even the most casual player. I know that this last point can matter more or less depending on your tastes. But I am not exaggerating when I say that the game is very easy and anyone can master it.

It’s like the developers purposely made the world’s easiest game. This so that players have no choice but to win and keep winning. The objective of this, to keep them hooked since his winning streak is generating a lot of profit. That is the only incentive to continue in the application, “The prizes“.


Payments for the app are made through two popular payment processors. One is PayPal and the other is Mercado Pago. To be able to withdraw in any of them we need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

This is a rather large amount, to be honest, but not that difficult to reach, or so I thought at first. The minimum payment threshold is 10,000 Mexican pesos, which, if you don’t know how much it is worth, is more than $500. Yes, another application that offers us this type of withdrawal. As we already know, these apps are usually scam apps, since the developers cannot cover the withdrawals.

Fruit Smash Conclusion

Yes, Fruit Smash does not pay and not happy with that, it wastes its users’ time. They are encouraging us with prizes that no legitimate application will give us. Little by little we are reaching the minimum withdrawal amount, but at the same time, the profits are decreasing. They decrease so much that it is even impossible to reach the minimum withdrawal. If you ever reach the payment threshold, they will put ridiculous requirements on you to “Pay You Out”. These are from watching more than 30 videos, to waiting for an eternal queue. This application does generate income, but only for its developers.

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If you have any opinion about the app or article, feel free to say so. If you have an application that you want to recommend, do not forget to leave it in the comments. We will do a review as soon as possible.




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