Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game – Legitimate App Or Scam [Review]

Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game, Scam or not?

You may have already seen Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game , an app to earn money by playing games that appears in various advertisements and is always presented as a paying app , but this is not enough reason to trust. In fact, after so many disappointments, the logical thing to do is to check first and this is what I did.

Here you will find all the information available about this game and my experience, I will tell you if it is really a legit app to earn money by playing games or a junk app that you should stay away from. Remember that you can trust what it tells you here, after all we are simple users and we have nothing to do with any study. We, like you, are only looking for an app that does pay and allows us to monetize our time . We do not promote anyone and we do not recommend anything that does not convince us.

Besides, so that you finish convincing yourself of how good the blog is, I can tell you that at the bottom you will find the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay . All the apps on that list are verified and found to be paying . You can also leave any questions or suggestions in the comments, you can even leave the name of another application that you want me to review.

What is Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game?

Perhaps by its name you can intuit a bit of what it is about and yes, surprisingly it is a very fun or good game, like that in the first few minutes. It reminds me of the first games that came on computers or that you could easily find online. The fact is that Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game just as I suspected, it is just a cute game that offers nothing but fun.

I checked the profile of the company that created it ( Sonatgame ), and although it has several games that it presents to its audience, it seems that all of these are nothing more than a way of presenting ads and little else. The announcements in which he presents his projects are often confusing, leaving on the one hand between seeing what could be applications to earn money playing games , but at the same time disengaging from this and leaving them as simple innocent games. I don’t like this at all, the only thing I ask for in the end is some clarity.

It seems that being certain when promoting their projects is not something that characterizes Sonatgame , so some people may only see them as generic games and other people see supposed apps that do pay . In the end, no one is wrong, only the creator who has decided to play with people’s illusions.

Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game

Installation and registration in Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game:

It’s an easy app to find unless you have compatibility issues, as this will cause it to be automatically discarded. The best thing if this happens is to look for another app, the game is not worth it, much less because of the risk that an APK can represent.

At this point we return to the same as always, no registration is necessary to enter and play. You only win and don’t worry about a username or email.

Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game

How to play?

The only thing you will have once you enter Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game is a board and a few instructions, but these are in English. Although you don’t need them much, what really matters is that you know where to throw the bubble and how the game is run in general. You will also have a beautiful path that will mark the levels in which you have already passed and those that remain to be unlocked.

Your goal in the game is to burst some bubbles that hang from the top of your screen, these bubbles will be of different colors and will generally be grouped by shades. What you have to do is find a row of bubbles that have the same color as the one that was passed to you to throw, in this way you will have your target and you will be able to knock down a few to start emptying the board. You must also free some cute kittens that are locked up there, which is undoubtedly the best of the game.

Unfortunately , I cannot give you news about the reward , since this seems to be a somewhat forgotten topic. Every time you pass a level you will get some coins , but that is the closest to winnings and then they do not mention anything to you. You can’t even check your account or see what transactions have been made.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


Here we come to the most disappointing point of all and that is that sadly this is a lie. The reward is completely forgotten in favor of the fluidity of the game and that’s fine, but it would be best not to lie to the users. Stories of ads that place it as an application to earn money by playing and that in the end it does not have a withdrawal box or payment methods is disappointing to say the least. The best thing would be to delete these types of apps, but that is in the hands of the Play Store.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Conclusion of Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game :

I don’t recommend it unless you really like the game, because it is tolerable and even fun for a few moments. The best thing is that you try it for yourself and thus decide if you stay with it or not, but once and for all it is best to get out of your head that it is an application to earn money by playing games because it is not like that . As a game it works, but nothing else. Besides, you will have to see ads very often and this is not for everyone. You have to have iron patience. Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game is a non-paying app , so please think twice before installing it or delete it.

But do not let this disappoint you completely, here we have been lucky in some searches and for this reason you can find some apps that do pay together in some lists. To access these lists you just have to enter the menu or go to the blog search engine and from there look for the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn money ” , “Applications to earn money online 2023” and “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” .

You can also access the most extensive list of all, it is located at the bottom and it is only a matter of clicking on their name to go there. Not being more, I remind you that any doubt, suggestion or the name of any application on which you cannot find information you can leave it in the comments and I will answer you as quickly as possible.




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