TikTube, Do You Get Paid To Watch Videos [Review]

TikTube, is it a scam or pay?

I will tell you about TikTube , an application to earn money that aspires to be among the apps that do pay , which I highly doubt. The truth is far from being seen as a legitimate application and aside from the reward it offers is unrealistic.

Remember that at the end of the article you will be able to find a concrete opinion about what this app is, it will also be there if it really pays or it is just another scam . Besides, there you will be able to find the name of several lists that gather the best of the apps that do pay , surely in these lists you will be able to find an application to earn money that really works for you.

But well, going back to the application, I can only say that it was updated for the last time on December 6 of this year and it has more than 100,000 downloads. Unfortunately there is no publication date let alone public comments, so I think the creator is hiding some complaints here.

What is TikTube?

This is an application to earn money by watching videos, an activity that almost all people do on a daily basis and that takes up a lot of our time. Just imagine what it would be like if you really make your payment , it’s like the dream of many but in reality, only this is very difficult.

TikTube is developed by WoW! Game LLC , a studio that has too many such apps published. Apparently the company specializes in creating applications that are sold as apps that do pay , but surely this is just another facade with which someone seeks to generate income while deceiving their audience.

There is also another negative point in TikTube and that is that it has integrated purchases , a sign that something is wrong and above all, the clearest sign that it is a possible scam . No serious app will make you deposit money to give you your reward .

TikTube - apps that do pay

Installation and registration on TikTube.

Search for it by its full name or you will never be able to find it because you will get any app that has anything to do with the topic. If in the end you can’t find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, but don’t worry, you will have a link below where you can check this and download it if possible.

Regarding the registration, as is customary, they will not ask you for any information or account that you have previously, you just have to concentrate and earn as much as possible.

How does it work?

What you need to do is first of all register, otherwise TikTube will not allow you to store your reward or access other boxes, so do it. The next thing will be that you go back to the main tab, there you will see all the available videos and you will be able to navigate between them until you find the one that catches your attention or you like.

This app works the same way TikTok does ; You enter, browse, select the video and watch it for as long as you want, the only thing is that here they will pay you to do it. Just keep in mind that you’ll get a lot of ads and it’s certainly not like what you’d get on TikTok normally, here it’s more like those ads that pop up annoyingly while you’re playing. Besides, the ads will be extremely long and you won’t be able to close them until 15 or 30 seconds have passed.

The activity you will do to earn your reward is as simple as finding a video and watching it for as long as possible, since you will have a bar that will tell you how many seconds you have and every time it fills up, you will earn coins .

TikTube - app to earn money


You can request payment only through PayPal , this will be the only option enabled and it is the option that almost always appears in any application to earn money , so if you do not have an account, then do not hesitate to create one. The minimum withdrawal is $10 for which you need to collect 1,430,000 coins and 300 bonuses , which is almost impossible to achieve.

TikTube - app to earn money

Final opinion from TikTube.

If you want to waste time or entertain yourself by watching videos then do it on YouTube or TikTok, but not here because not only does it not pay but it is also extremely frustrating. Sometimes you can tell when someone puts effort into their project and does it with love and believe me that this is not the case, it is very poorly programmed. TikTube does not pay , so better skip or another app or check our lists, there maybe you will get a real money making app .

If you want to access the lists, just go to the menu that appears when you press the three lines that appear in the upper right part of your screen, there you are located just after “contact”. Once you are in that part, look for the following names: “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” and “25 Best Apps To Earn Money . Also below you will have a direct link to the most extensive list.

On the other hand, I recommend the articles since in them you can find more information about the apps that do pay , as well as complaints. Each app is put to the test and each opinion is sincere, so if you want you can leave us the name of one in the comment box and we will review it as soon as possible.




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